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- What’s memory foam?

Memory Foam is a visco-elastic foam originally developed by a Swedish company for NASA. It was used by NASA because of its ability to distribute pressure across the entire surface, thus easing extreme G-forces. It's also sometimes called slow release foam.
Memory foam was subsequently used in medical applications, for example where a patient suffered with pressure sores. However it was too expensive for general use and there were few if any suppliers in the home market.
In recent years viscoelastic memory foam has become cheaper to produce and is now widely available to buy for the home bedroom. You know something has reached the mainstream market when it's described as "As Seen On TV"! Memory foam initially became popular in the US. It took a little longer to reach the UK, but is now becoming increasingly well known in the UK as well.

- What’s memory foam items?

The most common applications are in mattresses,orthopedic pillows(therapeutic pillows) and mattress toppers. Outside the bedroom, you can also buy memory foam cushions,memory foam neck travel pillow and memory foam foot pillow.

- WHY memory foam items?

Today Memory foam pillows,cushions,mattress and mattress toppers are widely used due to it's outstanding benefits to people's health&sleep. See illustration of working memory foam pillow:

Nowadays,75% people have problem of the curves of neck,because they play games via phone,IPAD,or watching TV shows for long time.  To keep or recovery the curves of your neck, people have to get a right memory foam pillow that will mould to the curves of your neck. The improved blood circulation can prevent sore and tired muscles and joints. Contour memory foam pillow,unique memory foam pillow or classic memory foam pillow is good choice for all people. The slow-rebounced pillow are designed to support your neck during the whole night's sleep.Also,pls do not forget to do exercise. It's also important to keep or recovery the curves of your neck.

Memory foam mattresses or toppers works the same way as memory foam pillows,they obviously can keep your spinal in aline. If you ever slept on it,you can know memory foam matterss and toppers are more comfortable compared to any other mattress. physicians suggest they are used for all people,especially those who are suffering from back pain. 


Being a manufacturer in the line of memory foam products more than 10 years, we now have overseas customers from china,US,Canada,EU,Russia,Australia. We always aim to offer high quality products with affordable prices. No problem to launch new models,ship containers timely, and give you long time warranty.


To improve lives by offer innovative memory foam products.  We believer everyone deserve good sleep with nice dream every day!


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